March 27, 2013

No. 340

Lex Orbis is the world’s (1) best spy. Last year he stopped (2) three attempts to take over the (3) world, and seven (4) mad-scientists with (5) doomsday devices.

His (6) greatest foe, by far, is Sabrina. Sabrina is a (7) deadly assassin whose (8) hatred for Orbis is tempered only by her (9) twisted love.

Their first encounter was in a (10) small (11) cafe in (12) Switzerland. Lex was on a case and Sabrina was (13) planning her first (14) mission.   

Throughout their careers, their paths have crossed many times. Every meeting is more (15) violent than the last. Most recently, Sabrina left Lex stranded on (16) the International Space Station.  

It was only with the help of a (17) Russian (18) astronaut that Orbis was able to (19) escape by the skin of his teeth.

Orbis has tracked Sabrina to her hideout. In order to get in, he must first (20) put on a (21) disguise and then (22) overpower the guards. The battle will not be easy. She is waiting for him, and she’s just as (23) clever as he is.


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