March 15, 2013

No. 332B - CYOA2 - Martin Freaks Out

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“No,” said Martin. “What you’re saying is insane.” He stood up and slammed his fist down on the table. “I want proof. Right now.”

“Calm down,” whispered Ridgeway.

Martin turned on her. “Did you know about this the whole time? Are you some kind of babysitter they sent along?”

“Hold on,” said Land. “Relax. I know this comes as a shock.”

“You!” Martin shouted, his attention now focused on the Nautilus crew. “You, Captain, and Hodge. What kind of sick experiments are you running here?”

He lunged at Land, but his foot caught on his overturned chair.

Ridgeway watched in horror as Martin fell forward. His head struck the corner of the table with a sickening smack and his limp body collapsed to the floor.

Hodge was the first to reach him. “He’s dead,” was the confirmation.

Captain Land put her head in her hands. “Can we still use the body for calibration?”

Part 7:

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