March 13, 2013

No. 330B - CYOA2 - Martin Tries to Escape

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“I think we need to escape,” said Martin.

“Escape to where?” Ridgeway asked. “You saw what we passed over on the flight here. There’s nothing out there.”

“They’ve got to have a way to get around. Boats, or escape pods, or maybe even a seaplane hanger. This base is enormous. We just need to find something,” Martin said with more courage than he felt.

Ridgeway quietly considered the plan, sparse as it was. “I suppose, at least, a walk around couldn’t hurt.”

They left the cabin and crept back up the passageway the way they’d been brought. Martin took the lead. Coming to a blind corner, he paused and motioned Ridgeway to retreat to a discrete distance. Then he poked his head around.

It was the exact wrong moment. Captain Land was coming down the hall toward him and noticed the surreptitious movement.

“Halt!” she shouted. “Guards!”

Ridgeway, who’d been behind, managed to escape capture, but Martin wasn’t so lucky.


“So you want to leave our installation?” Land asked him before she had him shoved into the tube. “We can certainly accommodate that.”

A large cover was lowered into place, and Martin could hear screws being tightened. It had a tiny porthole in it, through which he could still see the Captain.

Martin watched as Land pointed to somebody. He didn’t know it was a technician who pulled a lever to open the tube to the deep.

Martin was ejected through a torpedo door. Nautilus Base was currently keeping station far below the surface, and the pressure of the water crushed the lieutenant immediately.

Inside, Land was furious. “That’s one,” she screamed at her minions. “Now find the other!”

Part 5:

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