March 19, 2013

No. 333B - CYOA2 - There Is A Problem With The Data

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Hodge slammed his fist down on the emergency button and all the computers in the lab went dark. The room was eerily silent.

“I’d really like to get out of the chair now,” Martin said quietly.

Land and Ridgeway rushed to unlock the restraints. As soon as Martin was loose, he jumped free and hustled to the far side of the lab.

“What was that all about?” Land asked Hodge.

The swarthy scientist was examining a print-out from a machine close to the chair. “There’s a problem with the data,” he reported.

“How big of a problem?” Land pressed.

“Martin isn’t the key,” Hodge concluded.

“Can that be right?” Land said. There was a touch of disbelief in her voice.

“It is,” said Hodge, peering at the paper. “In fact, according to this, if we use him, it will be more like putting a lock on the process.”

Martin spoke up from the corner. “Hey, guys? I don’t feel too good.”

Ridgeway was at his side immediately. “What’s wrong?”

Martin fell to his knees. “My insides feel all queasy,” he gasped, holding himself tightly around the belly.

From somewhere, out in the Core, an alarm began to sound.

Hodge’s head snapped toward the sound. “Oh no,” he said. “That’s the field-detection alert.”

Every light in the lab went out, plunging the group into complete darkness.

Martin began to scream. “It burns!”

A blinding flash of energy from the Core strobed through the windows. Land and Hodge watched in horror as the shatter-proof glass was shattered and Martin was pulled back toward the light. Ridgeway tried to grab his arm, but she was too slow.

When Martin hit the center of the blazing ball, the reaction suddenly quit, leaving the survivors unable to see, again. But they all heard the impact as the Lieutenant’s body fell to the floor of the Core, far below.

Emergency lights came on, casting a dirty yellow glow. One by one, the computers began to reboot. Hodge started to access the Core’s sensors to find out what had just happened. He soon had his answers.

“We’re finished,” he said. “The time barrier will never open again. We’d configured incorrectly. Martin wasn’t from the future. He was from the past.”

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