April 12, 2013

No. 354

“So, in the story, the ocean’s a monster, and it’s attacking the people, and it’s all ‘Graaa! Rrrr!’, and the people are running around, and they can’t stop it, and it’s taking over everything, and the people are all ‘Ahhh! Oh no, ocean! Ahhhhh!’, and the ocean’s all ‘Sploosh!’, and everybody dies.”

“That’s certainly an interesting idea, Charles,” said Miss Freemont. “Is there any way you could tone down the killing?”

“No,” said Charlie. “You can’t fight the ocean.”

Miss Freemont considered his answer. Reluctantly, she agreed. “Ok,” she said. “I’ll allow it. But remember, it’s due on Tuesday, and I’m not going to grade it if it isn’t finished.”

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