February 13, 2013

No. 310

It was Dr. Leonard Allen who invented the Time Engine in the science lab at Cedar Hills University. The device allowed me, and millions of others, to cheat death.
The system is brilliant. For a price, the Time Engine will calculate the exact moment of your passing, and then allow you to skip it.
It was such a simple concept. Scientists were amazed nobody had figured it out sooner. Dr. Allen became the richest and most influential man on Earth.
But, like most concepts that appear too simple, the Engine has flaws—deep and terrible flaws. We realized that humans are meant to die.
 The signs began to appear in the First Seven. For obvious reasons, the symptoms were kept under the strictest secrecy. Cover stories were put in place, and four of the Seven abruptly dropped out of the public eye.
Then the trial groups began to turn. That, too, was hushed up. It was easy for someone as powerful as Dr. Allen.  
By the time the regular customers began to see the effects, measures were in place to contain the anomalies.
The sickness comes on quickly. Exactly 1463 days after the Skip, the Change begins. It doesn’t happen to everyone, though. That’s what makes it so hard to tackle.
My job, right now, is containment. Although, it’s possible that I’ll be in need of some myself in the very near future.
I Skipped 1459 days ago.  

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